Until the end__I will follow you book & special edition PRINT SALE

'until the end ___ I will follow you' is an artist’s book from photographer Hanne Lamon featuring images from the eponymous series.

This fragile, unique gem has been made in collaboration with graphic designer Tina De Souter with a text by Birsen Uçar, the leading lady of Belgian electro pop band Hydrogen Sea. 

The first 100 copies are signed by the photographer and have an extra insert: a separate print with a text by Eefje de Visser.

3 covers & 4 special edition prints

The artist’s book comes in 3 different covers for 32€ each.

SPECIAL EDITION : artist’s book + a special edition print - for 100€.
There are 4 special edition prints, all prints made by Hanne Lamon herself, edition of 50, signed and numbered, printed on hahnemuhle paper. 

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